What is Ecco?​

Ecco (pronounced echo) is a luxury travel agency that crafts mindful travel experiences marked by their authenticity and charm to unravel life’s simple luxuries. Transcending the norm of going somewhere just to visit, our itineraries demand genuine interaction with the destination and its people.

We challenge the definition of luxury travel by pushing aside the frou frou for genuine and high level real life experiences that are in many ways priceless. This is ingrained in our approach and also in our values, which we invite you to read more deeply about.

When traveling with Ecco, you embark on a personal journey. Whether it be to explore the world’s natural landscapes and vistas, acquaint yourself with the spices of another hemisphere or immerse yourself into a vibrant and inviting culture – Ecco Travels is here to connect your hunger for travel with a taste of the world.  This does not mean rating a place by its cost or number of Michelin stars, but rather by the kindness of its staff, the richness of its food, comfort of its design and treatment of the natural environment.

Ecco’s Team

Ecco Travels planted itself as a seed in the minds of its founders Michelle and Kendall in 2017, coming to fruition in 2019 after years of late nights, globetrotting and lots of Malbec.  Their love of the unique coupled with backgrounds in tourism lead to the creation of an agency that works to provide clients with a true meaning of luxury travel: time well spent experiencing another culture.

Michelle Grimaud | Co-Founder ​

Michelle Grimaud | Co-Founder

Growing up between Rio de Janeiro and Boston to then begin university in Madrid, travel is a big slice of Michelle’s life. First gaining experience as her chef father’s right hand leading journeys across the Mediterranean, she went on to join and later manage some of the industries finest boutique travel agencies. Her happiest moments are spent with her family traveling the world in search of experiences to share with others. Some of Michelle’s favorite things include Asian cuisine, gardening, small animals, hula-hooping, crafting homemade beauty products, yoga and anything with coconut.

Kendall Robertson | Co-Founder

Kendall Robertson | Co-Founder

Whether she’s living on the East Coast, West Coast, in South America or Europe – Kendall’s favorite place to be is on the road with loved ones whilst simultaneously plotting the next big adventure! Buenos Aires and Prague are two cities very close to her heart, though she currently resides in Los Angeles and is digging the close proximity to salty ocean waves, snowy mountains and a plethora of jimjilbangs… If you know, you know. She has now been a travel agent for 5+ years, and in her other life she is the Sales Manager for a deliriously luxurious West Hollywood property.