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Travel to Antarctica, The White Continent

When you think about travel to Antarctica, the opportunity to actually do it in itself is a luxury. Icebergs, rough waters, and a testy climate sound more like antagonists than a prime-time vacation. But those exact elements are what make an expedition to Antarctica so rewarding. And when you embark on a journey to the white continent, the immensity of the adventure tells of what is to come.

Mountains, ice sheets, volcanoes, and even hot springs paint an abstract picture of a polar desert. Further impressing are the penguins, whales, fungi, and countless algae endemic to the continent. Researched for its mysterious edges, Antarctica gives life and Earth scientists a lifetime of work to dive into. Any expedition to Antarctica puts amateur and professional adventurers in the same field. We’re just glad that you don’t need to be a scientist to travel to Antarctica anymore!

Not only is the white continent a photographer’s heaven, but it’s also a top wildlife spotting destination. From seals to penguins to whales, the an expedition to Antarctica doesn’t disappoint. And for those who want to walk on the adventurous side, a dip in a submarine or a heli-flight are sensational ways to complement the land explorations. Perhaps the most adventurous of them all thought is taking the polar plunge!

There are a million and one ways to get to and expedition to Antarctica. Let us navigate you through the options as you prepare for the journey of a lifetime. Travel to Antarctica needs to be well planned (in advance!) and absolutely seamless. We’ve got you covered!

Travel to Antarctica
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Starting Cities

Ushuaia &

Punta Arenas

When to go - Ecco

When to go?

Nov – March

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For how long?

8-22 Nights

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Antarctica region

Our Preferred Ships


The boat you board for such an epic adventure is all about your preferences. If you want to be on your own time and build your own expedition to Antarctica, private charter yachts will be the way to go. For those that want to explore but don’t mind being with a few people, there are smaller adventure ships. Keep in mind that smaller can still mean 60 people. Then we have the big cruise liners that can cater for upwards of 250 people. Whichever you prefer, travel to Antarctica and the activities it facilitates are unbeatable.

Traveling to Antarctica


Rightfully so, logistics are the go-to first question for those considering travel to Antarctica. Let us start off by saying that there is only one mode of transportation to get from point A to B on the White Continent and that is a motor vessel. Departure points fall within Argentina or Chile with the main ports being Ushuaia and Punta Arenas. But there are a handful of funky departures that take off from the Falkland Islands or even Puerto Madryn.

drake passage - White Continent

mode of transportation

The mighty Drake Passage is known for its choppy waters requiring special navigation. It’s good to know that it can be skipped, which brings us to our assistant mode of transportation, a charter flight. But however we slice it, for an expedition to Antarctica, you will need to be on a boat.

We’re happy to tell you that the term boat is very broad. When you travel to Antarctica you can choose from small expedition yachts, research vessels, or larger cruise boats. The options are endless but the look, feel and experience is different. This brings us to the second go-to question; which boat should I choose and how long do I need to explore the White Continent?

time frame

Even with the most specialized vessels, travel to Antarctica anytime outside of November-March is impossible. It’s also crucial to know that any expedition to Antarctica will require at the very least 5 nights. Even with 5-nights, we’re only making it to the South Shetland Islands Archipelago. If you’re keen on exploring the white continent in-depth, you will need 3-4 full weeks. Sail by the South Shetlands, the Antarctic Peninsula and King George Island for active exploration. Take in the virgin landscapes and raw natural beauty each step of the way.

Sail by the South Shetlands