Travel to Iguazu Falls & The Ibera Wetlands

Iguazu Falls is often seen as the ultimate ‘jungle’ destination in Argentina. With massive significance to the native Guarani, the Falls are a wonder in every sense. What’s shocking is that travel to Iguazu Falls is a mere gateway to the subtropical region of Mesopotamia and the Ibera Wetlands.

South of Iguazu Falls and beyond the Jesuit ruins are the wildlife dense Ibera Wetlands. These are some of the largest wetlands in the world, second only to the mighty Brazilian Pantanal. High in biodiversity, the wetlands harbor a collection of specialized properties. Many of which are under-explored because they’re simply off the beaten path.

Travel to Iguazu Falls is usually where things begin, but that’s not where the adventure should end. Navigate along the Parana, gallop into a yerba mate plantations or go full safari in a national park. Sprinkle your experience across Corrientes, Misiones, and the Ibera Wetlands for a taste of Argentine wilderness.