Travel to Mendoza

For travel to Mendoza, it’s a given that you’ll be enjoying a few glasses of red, white, orange; you name it! Best known for a deep glass of glistening Malbec, Mendoza’s 45,000+ vineyards are potent. But the pink-skinned grape varietals aren’t the only goodies to get excited about. 

It’s no surprise that Mendoza brings its A-game when it comes to food too. Seasonal and year-round establishments are all the rave around the Mendocino valleys. We have the old school Lujan Valley and the more modern Uco Valley. But no matter where you’re exploring, tasting, and lodging, there is no wrong turn. 

So, what else is there to enjoy when you travel to Mendoza aside from a food coma and a wine buzz? We’re glad you asked! Perhaps some horseback riding between the valleys or serious trekking on Aconcagua? Or maybe something more relaxed like vino-therapy? It’s clear that there is much more to Mendoza than wine, but also, when in Rome