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The Golden Coast: Travel to California

The Golden Coast’s 900 miles of Pacific shoreline and diverse interior ecosystems are nothing short of inspiring.  California is an elixir of beaches, wine lands, deserts, forests, and metropolitan hotspots.  Whether its relaxation, exploration, luxurious or laid-back vibes – Cali does it all. A popular road-trip destination, travel to California is conquerable within a few weeks or a handful of weekend getaways. 

A US state larger than many countries, the culture of California varies by location. Los Angeles and San Francisco are meccas for popular culture, environmentalism, and technology.  Hollywood makes most of the world’s movies and TV shows, while Silicon Valley is at the cutting edge of tech.  

Still, it’s the smaller cities and outdoor attractions that create the California dream.  Heading south from LA one will find a surplus of affluent seaside cities, with desert to the East.  San Diego and Santa Barbara sit on either side, a surfer’s haven.  

Farther north lies breathtaking Big Sur and Monterey.  Explore quaint towns and delicious wineries further inland: Paso Robles, Napa, and Sonoma.  Delectable cuisine, Michelin star restaurants, boutique hotels, and luxury resorts abound throughout. 

Adventures await those who travel to California.  Hundreds of miles of coastline, rivers, lakes, and nine national parks beckon visitors outdoors.  Not to mention, sunny skies nearly year-round.  Visitors flock to Yosemite, Big Sur, and Lake Tahoe for hiking and lakeside relaxation. Another popular hiking destination is Joshua Tree, known for its iconic plant life.  

For those feeling the heat, many locations can be explored both above and below water.  Catalina and the Channel Islands are the perfect combinations of ocean, beach, and rugged terrain.  Along the Golden Coast, surfers and swimmers can enjoy an excess of shoreline from north to south.  Rollerbladers and bikers take advantage of boardwalks and piers.  Sandy shores and marinas are also home to paddleboards, kayaks, and boats.  Don’t forget the hoards of beach-goers and their umbrellas during summer.  

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Considering its vast size, travel to California can easily take 1-2 weeks. Between wine and mountain, there’s lots to be explored. California and it’s Golden Coast can even be combined with other nearby states or included as a stopover to Asia or Hawaii.