Central Coast of California: Travel to Big Sur, Monterey & Carmel

The Central Coast of California is a refreshing blend of ocean breezes and charming seaside towns. Glorious national parks and teeming Redwood forests appear at every turn. As the area’s most beloved destination, travel to Big Sur is a must. To kick-start your adventures, travel to Monterey where the most idyllic part of Highway 1 begins.

Along the central coast of California, Point Lobos and the Pfeiffer state parks are the star attractions when you travel to Big Sur. Winding south, following travel to Monterey, the roads bring visitors through Carmel. Running from surf spot Carmel Beach to bird-rich Carmel River State Beach, where visitors can also find a promising scuba entry point.

Breathtaking vistas and rugged coastlines surface as you cruise down the Central Coast of California. With a bounty of local agriculture and viticulture, travel to Monterey opens the door to superb foodie experiences. And as you travel to Big Sur, there are also opportunities for whale watching and bird watching. For lovers of golf, the infamous Pebble Beach Golf Course in Carmel delivers quite the view.

This is what travel to Big Sur is all about, enjoying nature, leisure, and some old-fashioned R&R. Enjoy unspoiled coastline and the perfect spots for lunch with a view at every turn. You can explore the Central Coast of California with a few day’s stay or in an afternoon’s drive. We always err to the side of slow travel to Big Sur or casual road tripping. Considering the size and immense beauty of the region, it’s one to be savored and enjoyed.