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Travel to Chile

Refreshing and original, Chile flaunts natural marvel in every corner. Setting a potent tone, the Andes run down the eastern edge and the Pacific Ocean lines the western coast. This is quite the dynamic duo. And though some might reduce travel to Chile to beach time and trekking, there’s so much more than meets the eye in this tall skinny beauty.

Meshing metropolis with nature, Santiago sits at the foothold of the Andes. Abundant in culture-rich museums and flavor-packed restaurants, the colors of the city glisten. Moving on from the capital, a mighty roster of adventure and wilderness unfold.  Known as the top-dogs, the Atacama Desert and Torres del Paine are only the beginning. Let us show you the lesser-explored, equally impressive areas worthy of recognition.

When you travel to Chile, the hidden gems are actually essentials and countless in number. Aysen and its rugged stretch of the Carretera Austral are the embodiment of a road less traveled. Then you have Copiapo acting as a second entrance into the Atacama. Or maybe the pisco-producing Elqui Valley is more up your alley? Don’t forget the Chiloe Archipelago sprinkled with Valdivian forests and indigenous influence.

Exploring on or off the beaten path requires tact when you travel to Chile. Distances are vast but that’s no reason to shy away from the more demanding regions. In fact, it’s the reason why the country is a hallmark for slower travel. Take your time, dive into the culture and feel things at full force. Everything flows, making it easy to relish the moment.

The unassuming essence of Chilean culture matches its inherent beauty. There is never a feeling of overproduction or forced experiences when you travel to Chile. The most local and fresh ingredients are always on display. The lifestyle shows deep respect for the environment. The people are about genuine interaction and community. Chile is without a doubt an authority in effortless luxury travel.

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When to go?

October – April

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8 - 21 Nights

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Places to visit in Chile

With easy though sometimes lengthy internal connections, travel to Chile offers visitors everything from breathtaking fjords, to one of the driest deserts on earth and miles of vast southern glacial fields.