Atacama Desert & Chile’s Far North

Surrounded by active volcanoes and steaming geysers, the Atacama Desert is otherworldly. And though often compared to Mars, it unfolds deep insights into the Pre-Columbian era. Stealing the spotlight is the oasis of San Pedro de Atacama. But as part of Chile’s natural region the Far North, there is a much larger picture to paint.

Mixed in with the mighty Altiplano and the Puna de Atacama, this is a realm encompassing not only Chile but also, Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina. And between the salt flats, dunes and lagoons, are countless artifacts and relics. Some of the oldest are on the habitable coasts where preceramic cultures like the Chinchorro thrived as fishermen.

There are lots of options to choose from in such a vast region full of stark landscapes. With boutique hotels and specialized glamping arrangements; the choice is yours. From Arica to Copiapo, we want you to see the Atacama Desert and Chile’s Far North for what it is; unparalleled.