Aysen & The Carretera Austral

When discussing Chilean Patagonia, it would be remiss to forget Aysen. Connecting the Lakes Region to Magallanes, this is a potent middle realm. Very much off the beaten path, it’s home to windy roads, pristine landscapes, and adventure sports accolades.  But the Northern Patagonian Ice Fields and the Carretera Austral are what takes the cake here.

Aysen offers over 1,000+ kilometers of scenic roads along the Carretera Austral. Often referred to as the Route of Parks, this is a journey through the immensity of Patagonia. Every kilometer brings natural marvel and the finest of ecosystems. From the rivers and valleys to the fjords, glaciers, and marble caves; you’ll find true adventure on every corner.

Whether you love to fish, bike, raft, climb, hike, ride, or simply enjoy nature, Aysen is Chile at its most authentic. Come prepared for the vast distances and you’ll be rewarded with access to some of the most protected lands in the county. We’ll show you what an authentic and luxury road trip around Chile is all about.