Chilean Lake District: Los Lagos Region

The Chilean Lake District is true to its name. Characterized by glacial lakes and snow-capped volcanoes sticking visuals are everywhere. Lush green Valdivian forestry and serene lakeside villages are the norm. Tucked within such natural beauty are remnants of the indigenous cultures once dominating the Los Lagos Region.

Native to the Chilean Lake District, the Mapuche are Chile’s largest indigenous communities. With its steadfast seafaring people, the Chiloe Archipelago lends a unique perspective. In each corner of the Los Lagos Region, the Chilean identity is represented. Alongside the cultural notes, vigorous outdoor adventure, and diverse wildlife unite.

From Pucon through Puerto Varas and Chiloe down into Futaleufu, the Chilean Lake District attracts a very active set of travelers. These lands are suitable for adventurous climbers, explorers, and the tranquil birdwatchers alike. They also connect beautifully with Argentina’s Northern Patagonia. The Los Lagos Region is an untapped fountain of natural wonders waiting to be explored, photographed, and cherished.