Chilean Wine Region

Let’s start by saying that the Chilean wine region is not an extension of Mendoza. And though the Andes are an important attribute of Chilean wine production, they’re not the only. Running in parallel to the Andes is Chile’s Coastal Mountain Range. Protecting the vineyard grapes from Pacific winds, this is where the magic comes from.

If you like seductively crisp whites, roses, and oranges, the Casablanca Valley is for you. Prefer tantalizing velvet reds? Take to the Colchagua or Millahue valley’s expansive lands. And for a taste of history, head towards the Maipo Valley; a Cab-Sav powerhouse. And don’t forget to enjoy the famous Carmenere grape, Chile’s signature wine.

Sprinkled around the valleys are a collection of boutique properties. Ranging from traditional family-run to ultra-luxury, each is blessed with immaculate views. The Chilean wine region is the perfect relaxing finale to any journey in Chile. It’s also perfectly located within a few hours’ reach of Santiago.