Chilean Patagonia & Travel to Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine is Chilean Patagonia’s trekking masterpiece. The three granite towers that lend the park its name are its most well-known feature. Part of a larger ecosystem, the park reveals glaciers, icebergs, valleys, and grasslands.  This is alongside the plentiful and rich variety of plants and bird-life.

We could make the case for the traditionally luxurious all-inclusive properties. But, we are also fans of the understated luxury of the glamping set ups, refugios, and yurts. There is not just one way to enjoy Torres del Paine. And once you’re ready for the next spot, Argentina is just a skip across the border. It’s all about what you prefer and how full on you want the activities to be.

On the subject of activities, those are what travel to Torres del Paine are all about. Representing Chilean Patagonia well, this is a place for serious trekking, horseback riding, and beyond. Approach either on a half, full or multi-day basis. What won’t be lacking are pristine views in one of the most coveted trekking spots of South America.