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Travel to Colombia

The allure of travel to Colombia is undeniable and breathtaking; much like Marquez wrote it. The country is the perfect combination of modern metropolis and colonial Spanish architecture. Beautiful beach coastline and lush Amazonian jungle thrive side by side. Meanwhile, the coffee region and northeastern desserts offer other particularly unique adventures. Stepping onto Colombian soil, it is no wonder it’s home to magic realism.

Teeming with delicacies, La Candelaria is the perfect example of Bogota’s infectious energy. Its cobblestoned streets offer a wide range of art, trinkets, and local treats. Its restaurants and markets are home to exotic ingredients and tantalizing local dishes. When people travel to Colombia for on-point gastro, Bogota is essential. And in sharp contrast to the sprawling cityscape lies the Coffee Region.

Travel to Colombia and coffee go hand in hand. Dotted with charming pueblos are lush rolling plantations. Across the famous trio of Caldas, Risaralda, and Quindio outdoor exploration triumphs. Think horseback riding, rafting, birdwatching, and of course, coffee tasting. Then there is the Cocora Valley with its giant palm trees and the sleepy town of Salento.

Heading north, encounter the City of Eternal Spring; Medellin. Nicknamed for its year-round temperate climate, the city is infamous for its history. Now a center for industry and commerce, high-rise buildings stand against green peaks in every direction. Another buzzy city bouncing with livelihood, this is what travel to Colombia is all about.

To the east lies the port city of Cartagena, possessing the much desired Caribbean feel. In the historic old town quarters, music plays in every direction. Covered with bougainvillea are colorful buildings boasting grand metal doors. Behind them, one will often find opportunities for fine dining and dancing. A boat ride away are the Rosario Islands, offering pristine beaches and snorkeling.

Travel to Colombia offers the very best of both nature and human connection. It’s one of the finest examples of lively, energetic and genuine culture. Whether in a city or outdoors, an endless array of vibrant life, music & culture awaits. Let us guide the way through classics like Cartagena or well kept secrets like Bucaramanga.

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Perfectly tucked into South America’s northernmost section, travel to Colombia is very well connected. From Bogota through to Cartagena and the coffee region, explore it all and with views along the way!