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Travel to Italy

As a classic, even a mention of travel to Italy can bring vivid imagery to people’s minds. With some of history’s most telling monuments and relics, cultural potency is an understatement. And yet, you’ll still find inspiration and originality in such classic settings.  The roads may have been build by the Romans, paths less traveled are teeming across Italy.

Tuscany glistens with rolling hills and boutique wineries.  Rome bursts with off the beaten path restaurants, piazzas, and private collections. Liguria blossoms with Genoese basil waiting to be foraged and smashed with a pestle. And don’t get us started on the collection of picturesque cliff-side towns sprinkled around the country. As you explore some of the most romantic and historic vistas known to man, you’re sure to get hungry.

We’ll go right ahead and say it, travel to Italy and food have a symbiotic relationship. Crispy fried artichokes, porchetta sandwiches, spaghetti alle vongole; you get the picture. But with more nonna’s than you can count, a hands-on gastronomic workshop is also a necessity. Whether it’s in a Tiber-side restaurant or a local home, get ready for an infusion of flavors.

When you travel to Italy, the flavor isn’t only found in the food but also in the culture. With influences ranging from Germanic, Byzantine, Moorish, and Norman, Sicily isn’t the only region with flare. Veneto brought spice from the East while preparing the stage for Shakespearean romance. The most beautiful part of it all is that each region is unique and ubiquitously Italian at the same time.

For those who want to be in nature, travel to Italy is abundant in both mountainous and coastal terrain. North of the coastal town of Savona is laden with forested Alpine tracks. Then you have the  Lake Como style adventures sitting pretty at the foot of the alps. Undoubtedly, these pair well with some relaxation. Charming as ever, don’t forget the traditional fishing villages and volcanic islands.

Even when you think you’ve seen it all, Italy brings an understated magnificence. Local flavors, authentic cultures, and simple luxuries are all too tempting to ignore. Between Tuscany and Rome alone you could spend a lifetime. Traveling with time, passion and curiosity are the keys to unraveling countless hidden gems. These are what mark travel to Italy as a classic; and classics are timeless.

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From Liguria and Emilia-Romagna all the way down to Sicily, travel to Italy is simple. A car can get you everywhere and anywhere but if that’s not your style, don’t worry! Short regional flights are abundant throughout Italy. Hopping over to Portugal or Spain are easy journeys as well.