Travel to Sicily

Ancient civilizations considered Sicily to be the crossroads of the world. And set roots on this volcanic island they did! Producing more fruits, nuts, and vegetables than any region, the Romans used Sicily to feed their army. Not to mention that the Phoenicians began “mining” salt from the sea in Trapani 2,700 ago. For those craving cultural, archeological, and natural wonder, travel to Sicily is a must.

If all that historical lore is not enough, travel to Sicily seeking adventure on Mount Etna. If heights are not your thing, explore the impressive compilation of UNESCO sites. In Agrigento, you’ll find the Valley of the Temples. Palermo is the bustling New York City of long ago. Syracuse is home to Archimedes and the second Athens. Cherish Taormina, the most idyllic vacation spot in Sicily, for its dramatic views

Should that not be enough to choose from, you could always dabble in the Sicilian cuisine. The island is known for its endless almond and pistachio groves, and distinctive blood oranges. The grapevines planted throughout the island produce the iconic “Nero d’Avola. This hearty red wine that marries very well with Sicily’s famous lamb & eggplant dishes. Complex for all its history and varied for all its bounty, travel to Sicily is about abundance.