Travel to Tuscany

When most of us think about Italy, it’s really Tuscany and Florence that are on our minds. The rolling hills, the elegant cypress, and those beautiful medieval villages. This one region of Italy has captured the imagination of the entire world since the renaissance.  It’s the heart and artistic soul of Italy. Travel to Tuscany to embrace its complexity, history, and iconic atmosphere.

Where would the world be without medieval giants such as Giotto who introduced perspective to painting? Who would have laid the foundation for Italian literature if not Dante Alighieri?  Galileo changed the world with his telescope in Pisa. Not to mention, the imprint left by the genius of Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Botticelli. Travel to Tuscany reveals legends and landscapes have inspired us for centuries.

Beyond its art and history, Tuscan cuisine is as traditional as it gets. And it goes without saying, Tuscan wines and vineyards are known the world over. Chianti is practically a synonym for Tuscany, as are the wines of the Maremma region. Founded on the influence of its farmers and winegrowers, travel to Tuscany for a taste of the past. We’ll keep it refreshing and modern alla Toscana!