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Travel to Portugal

Portugal charms with an assortment of humble grandeur. The dramatic cliff sides and lengthy history make for endless adventures and anecdotes. Yet many view travel to Portugal as a mere 2-night addition to a jaunt in Spain. Boasting plentiful vineyards, wildlife, and riverside cities, it’s much more than that. As mainland Europe’s westernmost point, Portugal was the launchpad that changed history.

View the remnants of its maritime opulence with picturesque port cities like Porto and Lisbon. Dive into the marine wildlife reserves of the Azores and Madeira. On land, trek or bike along Alentejo’s pristine paths dotting the coast. Or full-on in the water, we’re happy to assist with your surfing debut in one of Europe’s top surfing capitals. Either way, travel to Portugal is about options, and there are lots of them.

Inland you’ll find bikeable hilly pastures, local quintas, and fazendas. With a surplus of fresh fruits, veggies, and cheeses, Portugal’s farm to table food scene is on-point. Being that much of the country is coastal, fresh seafood is in no shortage either. A simple delicacy, the daily catch served with a nest of lemon-garlic butter is heavenly.

More than noteworthy are Portugal’s wine regions too. From the Minho’s Vinho Verde to the Douro Valley’s Port, a crisp glass of goodness is always within reach. When tasting gets old, perhaps a bit of R&R at a riverside vineyard will do the trick. But don’t worry, there are enough varietals to keep you going for a while!

It’s an added plus that Portugal’s small towns are always near bundles of UNESCO sites. Dating back to prehistoric times, travel to Portugal oozes academic and artistic marvels. Browse medieval settlements, gothic castles, Moorish palaces, and Roman temples. The ornamented cities and towns alike are physical pastimes part of a parade of history.

With so much potency, Portugal’s atmosphere is anything but overbearing. The ‘take it easy’ approach to life is a testament to a culture proving that humility is king. Meshing nature and culture in perfect proportion, Portugal is best savored slowly.

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From Porto and the Douro valley to the Algarve and the Portuguese Islands, there is lots of ground to cover. Travel to Portugal isn’t about speeding through what might seem like a small country. It’s about savoring and enjoying all there is in a surprisingly massive country that makes the most of it’s land!