Travel to The Algarve

Known for its golden sands, the Algarve is the heart of Portugal’s beach scene. But the islet studded coastline is only the beginning. From Faro to Lagos, the punchy southern edge of the country is teeming with both culture and nature. And not to be forgotten along the journey is the fresh produce!

Fresh fruits roll out of local orchards in the hilly countryside. Whitewashed villages perch on the cliff faces spanning the entire Atlantic coast. Rock formations and grottos captivate boaters and swimmers alike. Moorish remnants and neoclassical builds are of course featured too, it’s Portugal’s Algarve!

Head to the south for sport, action, and waves. East or west you’ll find much less development and a more remote feel. We like both, it all depends on the mood. Venturing into the hills, into the castles, and of course, into the restaurants! A must for your taste buds, local fruits, veggies, and catches are the norm. And we urge you to jump straight into it with the Algarve.