Travel to Coimbra

Sat on the side of the Mondego river, Coimbra is an ancient walled city steeped in history. From the Romans to the Visigoths to the Moors, the meandering cobblestone alleys say it all. And each pathway leads up to the country’s oldest and most distinguished university.

With such academic potency, it’s no surprise that Coimbra was Portugal’s capital for over a century. Peppered with unmissable buildings, the UNESCO marked architectural feats are striking. But the locals and residents are what give the city an inviting and romantic atmosphere.

Enjoy a coffee with experts and professors alike as you learn about the topics of your interest. Or perhaps enjoy the natural side of the city along the Mondego river or in the hilly countryside. By night, watch the fado bars come alive as soulful musicians serenade passersby.