Travel to Lisbon

Revolutions, coups, plagues, fires, and earthquakes have all left their mark on Lisbon over the centuries. You feel this history as you wander the capital’s streets, sit in its cafes, and try its recipes. But with such a punchy past, it’s a wonder how the city’s become somewhat of an underdog. Underestimate no more, travel to Lisbon is for a time well spent absorbing culture, views, and snacks!

Every corner of Lisbon is a testament to a deeply engrained and rich culture. And from its colorful palaces to its dark fado clubs, Lisbon is a top contender for the most interesting city on the Iberian Peninsula. But with natural parks and isolated beaches, there’s more than culture to be enjoyed. Giving way to the Portuguese Riviera, travel to Lisbon is also a gateway.

Explore the cliffside beaches of Cascais and the luscious green mountains of Sintra. Much more than pretty postcards, these are deeply influential UNESCO accolades that the Portuguese Riviera holds dear. And once you’ve seen the nature kissed outskirts, Lisbon will welcome you back with a decadent pastel de nata (custard tart) and cafezinho.