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Travel to Spain

Travel to Spain reveals a collection of regions putting their best foot forward. Beginning with its metropolitan capital, Madrid’s casual sophistication is intoxicating. No activity better represents this than an afternoon of gallery frolicking followed by a siesta. Waking up from the slower-paced second half of the day introduces the option of a coffee, caña, or dare we say it… a snack.

Let’s tackle the elephant in the room head-on; tapas. Yes, you will eat lots of them when you travel to Spain. Perhaps more than you should but who’s counting? Food is the gateway to Spain, and every region has something impressive on the menu. Wash down every bite with a crisp glass of Albarino, Tempranillo, or fresh-squeezed orange juice.

Scout the Michelin starred delights along the Basque Country’s verdant hills and coastline. Want something more homey? We love La Rioja’s Casas de Comida that will serve you A-list local wine and fare alike. From paella and bacalao to tortilla de patata and croquetas, every corner of Spain is flavorful. To work off all the food, travel to Spain is teeming with outdoor adventures.

Between the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, and the Bay of Biscay, Spain’s scenery is inviting to say the least. Ski down the Pyrenees paying a visit to Andorra along the way. Observe the galaxy in the Canary Islands following a volcano trek on El Teide. Become a pilgrim as you walk or bike the Camino de Santiago passing through vineyards, mountains, and coasts.

With all the adventures, relaxation is never far away when you travel to Spain. Take it easy in the hills of Andalucia or on the many islets freckling the Mediterranean coast. After a bit of R&R, dive into the history of each plaza, cathedral, market, and facade. Explore hidden galleries, museums and private collections. With or without an expert at your side, there is lots to absorb when it comes to art, culture and architecture.

Travel to Spain is all about the vibrancy of culture and landscapes intermixing. The classics like Barcelona, Madrid and Andalusia are musts. But off the beaten path selections like La Rioja, Galicia and the Basque country are equally worthwhile. Let us take you through one of the bucket list destinations of the century. We’ll make it authentic, original and refreshing; so will the locals.

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10-16 Nights

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Spanish, Catalan & Basque

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La Rioja

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From the Bay of Biscay to the Mediterranean Sea and the Gulf of Cadiz, there is lots to work with in Spain. Rolling hills, impacting histories and a vibrant culture translate to inviting and authentic experiences. Whichever corner you explore, you’ll be met with charm.