Travel to Andalusia: Seville, Granada & Cordoba

Orange trees and olive groves are the refreshing backdrop of travel to Andalusia. Mix that with whitewashed villages sitting atop craggy mountain sides and we have a full ensemble. But the natural feats shining from the ominous Sierra Nevada peaks are only a tease. Between Seville and Cordoba’s royal palaces and Granada’s Alhambra, Andalucia parades a strong culture.

Travel to Andalusia reveals a living intersection between Christianity and Islam. Impressive buildings reflect both European and Moorish civilizations’ past. Decked with UNESCO in every direction, Cordoba, Seville and Granada are quite the trio. And though often overlooked, Malaga is Andalusia’s coastal beauty and Picasso’s birthplace.

Out of sculpted stucco walls, patterned tiles and spellbinding geometric shapes, arise charisma. Much of Spain’s reputation as a passionate, sun-flecked nation comes from Andalusia. Witness daredevil albeit controversial bullfights. Observe longing guitar serenades, and feisty flamenco displays. And when you’re done with medieval alleys and hammam baths, there’s always a tapa bar waiting for you.