Travel to the Basque Country

Sandwiched between the Pyrenees, a craggy coastline, and the Cantabrian mountains in the Basque Country. With its own language, Euskara, this is a region with an autonomous pizzazz. Straddling both Spain and France, the region’s unique culture and flavors breed infectious energy. Bounce from sandy beaches to verdant landscapes and architectural strongholds in a heartbeat.

Capital of culture, the picturesque Donostia-San Sebastian sits pretty on the Bay of Biscay. With endless options for an afternoon at leisure, wander the promenades and eateries. Want more action? Feel the vibrations of the Tamborrada festival as local bands bang drums in full force. Then there’s Bilbao, the twangy and modern Basque Country capital. From funky contemporary art wonders to sensational eats, you’re in for a treat.

It’s no surprise the Basque Country is all about haute cuisine with the Michelin stars to show it. Whether you choose to eat at local haunts or opt for a top tier restaurant, food standards are unrelentingly excellent. And with neighboring La Rioja providing killer wines to pair with pintxos. Spend time split between cosmopolitan cities and charming villages to get a true feel for it all.