Travel to Galicia & The Camino de Santiago de Compostela

Travel to Galicia is no exception when it comes to Spanish grandeur and triumph. Without a doubt that begins, or rather, ends at the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral. Crisscrossing the Galician sierras is the supremely beautiful Camino de Santiago. Take in misty pine and eucalyptus forests, and lush green valleys untouched by time. 

Sitting in Spain’s northwestern corner, travel to Galicia unravels unmistakable cultural nuances. In fact, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d ventured into another country entirely. Once its own kingdom, Celtic heritage and the bagpipe like gaita players remind of the past. From small fishing villages to Santiago de Compostela, embrace decadent seafood, and a punchy history.  

Spreading out from the coast, the five estuaries of the Rías Baixas are known for their wild islands. Inland, vineyards overflow with zesty albariño. Venture further afield to Combarro, a tranquil fishing village situated on the Pontevedra estuary. No matter which direction you explore or arrive from, travel to Galicia is about exchanging stories and culture.