Travel to La Rioja

Clustered around the Ebro River Valley in the northeastern corner of Spain is one of its smallest regions, La Rioja. Despite being the country’s best and largest wine region, it remains off the beaten path. Don’t miss the fabled landscapes, oaky reds and stellar cuisine. And though wine takes center stage here, it pairs well with the small-town feeling the region has to offer.

Landscape wise, La Rioja is like something out of a fantasy, pleasingly unspoiled. Manicured rows of olive groves stud ochre shaded hills. Knotted vineyards form orderly lines running into the horizon. And let’s not forget that renowned pilgrimage route, el Camino de Santiago crosses La Rioja. This brings perfect opportunities for hiking among vineyards and picturesque mountain villages.

Logroño, the region’s capital is home to lively tapas bars each with its own specialty dish.  Then there’s Haro with vineyards sprinkled about the Ebro River’s borders. La Rioja compiles stunning architectural masterpieces, elegant churches, A-list wine, and innovative tapas. What else could you ask for on an adventure through Spain? Oh right, hop in a hot air balloon basket and soar over a patchwork of vineyards and rolling hills!