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Travel to Uruguay

Tucked between Brazil’s southernmost border and Argentina’s Mesopotamia Region, Uruguay seems small. That is until you realize that the extensive coast, rolling hills, and valleys are not all more of the same. From off-grid fishing villages to upscale vineyards, travel to Uruguay is a nonchalant powerhouse.

Most who travel to Uruguay arrive via ferry in Colonia del Sacramento or a flight to Montevideo. And lots commit the sin of only staying a night or two. Oh, what they’re missing! To start, a rapid lancha from Tigre landing you in sleepy Carmelo is our favorite method of transport. This will set the tone for  Uruguay’s laid back nature.

Quite the entrance to Uruguay, Carmelo’s golden vineyards are nurturing. Between local productions and nearby UNESCO accolades, there’s lots to explore. Venture into nearby Colonia del Sacramento for a glorious afternoon tea and yerba mate tasting. Stroll the cobblestoned streets for old town vistas before gardenside lunches. Colonia and Carmelo parir well, and there’s no better entrance.

As far as travel to Uruguay goes, it may surprise a few that Montevideo is not the main attraction. But it is a necessity nonetheless. Enjoy on point foodie options from old school to eclectic. Wander the historic center visiting boutique shops and galleries along the way. And then prepare yourself for the main courses of Uruguay.

Jose Ignacio and Punta del Este are the creme de la creme big names. Travel to Uruguay would be incomplete without time in one of these serene beach spots. But when the laid back culture of the beach needs a spritz, there’s always a nearby adventure. Horseback ride through the nearby hills of Pueblo Eden. Taste Garzon’s countless wines and local gastro superstars. Waltz through the Pablo Atchugarry foundation’s sculptures.

When the mood for off-grid exploration sets in, Cabo Polonio awaits. Located between sand dunes and the Atlantic, this is the spot for legitimate disconnect. Provisions come from a handful of local shops or from the ocean. Electricity comes from wind turbines or solar panels. Not to mention, arrival is only by 4×4 or a trek through the dunes from Valizas. Talk about exclusive, a private home here is the way to go.

Finally getting well-deserved recognition, travel to Uruguay is about relaxation with a twist. Between fluffy sanded coasts and bountiful farmland are picturesque rolling hills. Explore it all with a car to bounce from one end to the other. Whether you’re perched along the sea or in the grips of vineyards and valleys, let Uruguay sweep you away. We’ll help you get to the most worthy spots along the journey!

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From Punta del Diablo all the way down to Carmelo, Uruguay has it all. And no, it’s not all more of the same. From beach side natural reserves and sleepy villages between sand dunes to remote vineyards and horseback riding paradises, travel to Uruguay opens the door for a laid back charm with unmistakable authenticity.