Cabo Polonio & Barra de Valizas

Uruguay is undeniably a low-key and off-grid destination. Taking the cake for the entire country though is Cabo Polonio. There are no paved roads and arrival is exclusively by 4×4 vehicles. That is unless you venture for the 4-kilometer trek through sand dunes via Barra de Valizas. Such logistics might sound extreme, but they’re well worth it!

When you first step foot into windswept Barra de Valizas, there is an instant humbling. Wild chamomile flowers dot the sandy town from point to point. The natural effervescence of the ocean’s waves hums a relaxing melody. This is a land where eco-homes turned posadas reign free. And a hop across the Valizas Stream through the sand dunes will take you to Cabo Polonio.

Sprinkled with the golden sands of Valizas, the pure sight of Cabo Polonio will send you into a trance. Wind and solar-powered homes, no care for stable wifi, local provisions. It’s a sustainable dream. And to best live, this dream, an ocean-front private home set up for a week-long disconnect, is all you need. Explore the natural reserve. Swim amongst bioluminescent algae. Enjoy life’s simple luxuries.