Colonia del Sacramento & Carmelo

Incredibly accessible, Colonia del Sacramento is Uruguay’s best-preserved colonial town. A quick drive away from Montevideo or a ferry ride from Buenos Aires, it’s cobblestoned streets are dotted with picturesque cafes. An hour away, and home to rolling green pastures and a variety of wineries, is the nearby Carmelo.

Colonia del Sacramento is the spot for a relaxing afternoon or weekend escape. No city hustle or bustle, UNESCO accolades, yerba mate tastings, and organic gardens make for quite the line-up. And moving on to the tranquil Carmelo, we enter one of Uruguay’s best-kept secrets. From wine tastings and horseback riding to boating and biking, it’s all about relaxation here.

Both Carmelo and Colonia del Sacramento have mastered slow movement and travel. Arriving on the unconventional rapid lancha from Tigre adds nicely to the experience. So does having your own car to explore vineyards and lunch spots at your own pace. Whichever route more appeals, prep for the laid back opulence of garden-side lunches.