Travel to Montevideo

Home to nearly half of Uruguay’s population, travel to Montevideo is the metropolitan experience of an entire country. It’s characterized by elegant old theaters and cozy tango bars, as well as a thriving art and music scene. Juxtaposed against exclusive beachside communities and modern highrises is a historic downtown.

Born out of a territorial war between Argentina and Brazil, Uruguay has had a difficult history. And when you travel to Montevideo, you see it’s history hidden in plain sight. The city was the site of many of the country’s battles and triumphs and played a major role in the country’s independence. What you see today is unmistakably Uruguayan, big architecture, and a laid back culture.

Much like its Argentine neighbors, Uruguayan culture is a mix of European cultures. From neighborhood to neighborhood you can see the different styles and influences. Think, classical European architecture with ‘tamboradas’ taking place in the middle of the street. Quite the contrast but also very much what travel to Montevideo is all about.