Travel to Pueblo Eden

Pueblo Eden and the surrounding valleys couldn’t have a more suiting name. Enchanting in every way, the sleepy town is set in some of Uruguay’s most serene rolling hills. Only recently having made big waves with vineyards setting up shop, this small region is otherwise raw.

Enjoy virgin olive oil tastings set in boutique ranch plantations overlooking the sierras. Get up close and personal with grapevines and organic vineyards. Stumble into oasis-like setups for relaxation or horseback riding into the horizon. Most importantly, adventure into Pueblo Eden for seasonal menus at cozy local venues.

Whether you like country-side relaxation, horseback riding, or boutique wines; Pueblo Eden is worthy of a visit. Be it a weekend stopover or a weeklong off-grid venture, let the town will do what it does best. Ease the mind and soul. The essence of Uruguay is represented in Eden. Generous and warm hosts, simple luxuries, and genuine connection.