As our first narrative piece, we want to thank you for stumbling upon this page during these incredibly uncertain times. It’s a difficult time for many of us around the globe and needless to say, for a boutique travel agency, but we are hoping for a better tomorrow and planning ahead.

The most important factors right now are to stay healthy and to help those in need. The best way we can do that right now is by staying home. Although we may not be able to adventure far, we can dream and we can hope, some of the most powerful human elements.

The world will need you, tourism and travelers to rebuild from the ruins, growing stronger than before. Let’s use this time to think about what maters most to us, be present for ourselves and our needs, whilst focusing on what our purpose will be on our well deserved future adventures.

Hoping for a better tomorrow, let’s remember all of the days and memories which were blessedly pleasant in the past. We will have our chance to make new memories and explore new grounds in the near future, never again taking for granted our freedom; but for now, let’s choose to stay home and to stay safe.

Sending our love to all fellow humans affected by COVID-19, directly and indirectly.

From our family to yours.