Travel With Purpose

Luxury travel made simple

It’s no secret that we craft luxury travel adventures, but it is important to highlight that your passions and curiosities are what we ultimately shape into a polished itinerary ripe for you to travel with purpose. Often depicted as travel themes, we make a point to relabel these ‘themes’ as the purposes for travel because when realized using the right approach, they can encourage meaningful connections with the people and places being explored. 

We don’t strive to have these purposes be overbearingly present. In fact, our mastering of them as intricate details is what sets us apart and what opens the door for you to travel with purpose in a meaningful fashion.For example, Imagine enjoying an off-site breakfast in a central square as you people watch in preparation for a day full of exploration. Now, think about the undertones of that experience knowing that breakfast was optimized to be a native fruit and tea tasting with the people watching having a special spotlight on a weekly bocce game between locals that’s been going on for decades. 

Though the main focus originally seemed to be flavor, the essence of culture, history and community are all in the background once you get the full picture. These are the non-google-able elements of traveling with purpose that we excel at and want to share with you on your luxury travel adventure. 


Take care of yourself. We hear this all the time with intentions usually justifying you to ‘lavishly pamper yourself’ or ‘cut down on the mid day work snacks’. Wellness is a crucial element of life and no matter the definition of the day the goal is, of course, to be well. Travel with the intent of establishing, bettering or even understanding this ever desired well-being with an adventure focused on settings, situations, people and activities (and all the other good stuff!) that jump-start your personal motivations and complexities bringing you to a prolonged of easier or give you the insight as to how to so it differently. Sometimes all you need is a little push…. we’ll give you the boarding passes.


Rather than passing through another country as merely a visitor, Ecco Travels works to help you truly experience life in a foreign culture. This means leaving behind preset notions from your home environment, and interacting with locals on every level, not just within the realm of luxury travel. You will step outside of your zone of comfort, bringing with you the desire to immerse yourself in a new culture and open mind. Some of the most eye opening cultural experiences can be found in Peru, Argentina, Brazil and Spain.


South America’s gastronomic scene has evolved over the years to offer an impressive mix of local and international cuisines. From bustling local vendors specializing in ceviche, arepas and empanadas and to the more sophisticated Michelin-starred restaurants, discerning travelers will find a diverse and delicious dining landscape awaits.Many city centers such as Buenos Aires, Lima and Rio de Janeiro cater to foodies of all dietary wants and needs, though smaller gastronomic centers such as Mendoza, Jose Ignacio and Chile’ wine region are also well known for their local produce, meats and fish (and of course, vino!). Ecco Travels strives to recommend restaurants and destinations specialized in handpicked ingredients used craft quality meals that promise memorable gastronomic experiences.


We keep the environment in mind as we coordinate each trip. We do this by carbon offsetting personally and locally, springing for direct flights and using electric or hybrid cars when possible. We also provide exclusively digital materials and encourage zero waste through our Ecco Essentials program. As a baseline, we recycle everything possible, of course.


Take some time this year to discover the world and a bit more about yourself. Solo travel offers you a unique opportunity to travel at your own pace, delving deep into the places and cultures that are most interesting to you. You can be more spontaneous, selective, and will have chances to interact with people in a profoundly meaningful way that you might not otherwise have traveling with a partner or group. Not only will you feel a great sense of achievement for navigating the world on your own, but you will have time to reflect, clear any mental clutter and focus on yourself and your surroundings.