Why Ecco?

Luxury travel made simple

It all begins with a call between you and a travel expert to establish a baseline. As your preferences, likes, dislikes, passions and desires are unearthed in the conversation, they quickly become the most important elements of the designing process. We use these unique elements to curate a well balanced and tailor-made experience for each traveler. Once the master itinerary has been minted, we share it with you so we can fine-tune and finesse before making the journey officially come to life.

Within our approach is born our mission; to help travelers enjoy harmonious experiences filled with purpose that will spark deep-rooted, positive and wholesome inspiration in their lives.

As we endeavor to fulfill our mission for each individual on every journey, the core values that we keep in mind are what showcase our character as a company, as travel experts and as people. We have outlined the five most crucial of these below.


Beginning with a conversation between you and a travel expert, we craft everything from scratch. No two itineraries are the same and we do not pass off the work to a third party. We have scouted each hotel, restaurant and guide personally.


In trusting your travel expert to provide a stellar travel experience for you there is a certain level of vulnerability, which we understand. We cannot meaningfully curate to your tastes and comfort without knowing you and your purpose. As we build your plans together, we will need to ask meaningful and telling questions which we have created a thorough system for. This is not a flash interview during our first call but something you can shape with time.


As we rely on the authenticity and charm of a destination, we feel a responsibility to support local people, communities and businesses as a way of expressing our gratitude for providing such wonderful memories. We do this by purchasing exclusive local products as part of our Ecco Essentials while investing in and sponsoring projects on a non-profit basis that will directly provide positive impact.


We keep the environment in mind as we coordinate each trip. We do this by carbon offsetting personally and locally, springing for direct flights and using electric or hybrid cars when possible. We also provide exclusively digital materials and encourage zero waste through our Ecco Essentials program. As a baseline, we recycle everything possible, of course.


Very much au contraire to the industry standard, we give travelers a legitimate breakdown of costs for each itinerary. With a combined 12 years of experience in the industry, we have seen our fair share of margins and we want our travelers to visualize our honesty. We will show you what you are paying for and very much like tipping 20% after a meal is standard, so is paying extra for someone to do all the crafting for you and taking care of you as you travel!